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As an Amazon Affiliate, we do not stock or ship any of the merchandise listed on our website. All of the sales go directly through and are fulfilled by We receive a small percentage of the total sale price.

As a consumer, you can shop confidently knowing that your personal information is being handled by the largest internet based retailer in the world. Being such a large company, they are able to ensure each transaction is handled with the latest security practices and have the means to keep up with the most current trends.

Once you add the items to your secure cart on eToolbags and are ready to checkout, you will be transferred to Amazon where you can log into your Amazon account and securely complete your transaction. We do not receive any of your payment or Amazon account information. We do receive a monthly invoice showing the percentage of the sales for that month (there is no personal information tied to the orders).

Any information that we may receive will be handled with the care it deserves. We value your privacy and will not sell or share any information voluntarily given to us.

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