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Tool Bag Buying Guide

Choosing a Tool Bag

Choosing a tool bag doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ll help you understand the different types and styles as well as give some things to take into account when purchasing your next tool bag.


Are you a homeowner looking for something to keep your tools organized and easily transported or are you in a trade? Electricians carry different tools than Carpenters or Iron Workers. Think about the tools that you will have in the tool bag and go from there.


The size is important to think about. Consider the amount of tools you will need for the job. Some people like using two tool bags – One with all the tools to keep in the gang box or truck and one to carry the tools needed for the task at hand. This way, you don’t have to carry a heavy bag around the job site. If you own larger tools, a small tool bag might not be able to hold them properly.


How to you want to carry the bag? Backpack tool bags are gaining in popularity. Totes are still a good choice as well. They have a handle and shoulder strap. Pouches are great for those on the go. Do you like to be organized or just have a tool bag that you can carry everything in? Here’s some of the choices:


Pros: Frees up both hands. Climbing access ladders is easier. Good amount of room and pockets.

Cons: Heavy on the shoulders/back. Can be awkward to work out of at times.


Pros: Organized. Open top for better viewing of the tools. Easy to work out of due to ease of access. Flat base keeps the bag upright.

Cons: Open top for better viewing of the tools (theft, exposed to the elements).


Pros: Working on ladders. Easy to access tools.

Cons: Limited amount of tools. Strain on lower back and hips.

Tool Bags

Pros: Carry a lot of tools.

Cons: Not very organized.

Bucket Insert

Pros: Organized. Easy access tools. Can double as a seat.

Cons: Awkward to carry. Easy access to tools (theft, open to the elements).

Working Conditions

Water, rain, chemicals and mud can wreak havoc on your costly tool collection. Some tool bags have covers and/or molded plastic bases to help prevent these things from accessing the inside of the bag.


Nylon, Canvas, Leather. What material the tool bag is made from plays a big factor to its durability and weight.

Other things to consider

Do you have brand loyalty? Favorite colors? Carrying a laptop also? How about built in speakers? Need a led light?


We hope this short guide helped you have a better idea on some things to consider when shopping for a tool bag. Feel free to browse around as much as you like to get a better idea of what will work for you. And as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!